Sign Of The Times – Dreamland

The Pinball Alley "Crew" had a poignantly dystopian day at the Seaside where the now desultory and deserted Dreamland lay with the one solitary and delightful Security man in full charge of the gorgeous but silent rides and family of  tame foxes that are now the only  screaming punters in the park.
Dreamland like so many businesses, was hoping for a fantastic season after being closed for some time and the irony of such a   fabulous sunny  summer  with no events or gigs aside from the "one hours exercise" was very evident looking at my sad forlorn pinball machines gathering dust in front of the fading teddy bears incarcerated in their glass boxes awaiting liberation by the claw of the "Grabber machines" .
Mark and I were installing machines with a feeling of hope for 2021 as I was kindly given permission to store some there with the hope that many can remain when hopefully "The vaccine" works it's magic and the entertainment  world can stumble back to some form of normality - I for one will be one of the first in the queue for the totally charming Dragon themed cars complete with "Brakeperson" wearing hard wearing gloves on the "Scenic Railway".