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As with all good inventions there is often a myriad of possible original sources and those wishing to claim the original thought   . .  and the truth is both complex and hard to prove .
Germany and France  both compete for the possible origins in the late 1800's with the British taking a leading role in the 1930s and the USA jumping on the bandwagon in the late 1960's due to American Military bases in Germany - each country has their own unique  approach both in terms of game play and looks.

The stylish  French  machines that we tend to specialise in are made by "Bonzini" who started in 1930 and were one of the instigators of the "Telescopic Rod" and also still use aluminium players unlike the ubiquitous trend for plastic figures in the 1970's..
All makes of the game have their own dedicated fans and dissenters but us "Alley Crew" favour Bonzini as stylish and timeless and the metal players allow  customization in terms of paint and finish and the charming if sometimes impractical look of the machines is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the usual "box like"  structures of their competitors .
We have many machines in a traditional finish and some customised from the relatively normal to the delightfully bizarre  and are happy for short and long term hire  commercial/private/ props and will do our best to find a style that suits .

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