About Us

Glastonbury On Sea Pinball Alley

We Love Pinball & Retro Arcade Hire

Pinball Geoff star of BBC Repair shop and all round wonderful person is the MD of what has become known as Pinball Alley.

Fed up of pubs and bars with Pinball machines not set up with care and attention he now hires cares and maintains across London.

Our Glastonbury Story

We had always believed music pinball & festivals would work and after 2 years honing our craft at the West Holts stage and the market area, we almost gave up but as they say Build It and They will Come and they did we got pier you got Pinball Alley.

Meet Some Of  Our Team

A team of like minded mixed up vagabonds who love Pinball would marry Glastonbury and one day get buried there.

Geofforey Harvey - Pinball Geoff

Pinball Legend & Drummer

"Pinball Geoff" Harvey has been dealing in pinball machines for decades - and when he's not doing that he's drumming around Hackney with Mexican surf group the Bikini Beach Band.


The Pinball Alley Crew

Vice President's

Geoff Landed from space and like ET we became his crew

Bingo Dick

Britain's most colourful BINGO caller

Bingo's answer to Beetle juice