Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Pinball Alley is a name we got given in 2019 Glastonbury festival an event we got booked for we liked it so much we kept it for ourselves.
We have 100 of machines and if we do not have it we can possibly get it within imitations of the law.
So below we hope to answer as many questions as possible to help you with any booking but you are welcome to call.

What’s your Booking Policy

The booking of any event is done after we have consulted with you the event organiser and discussed the requirements theme and venue -  we sometimes require a 25% deposit refundable 48 hours prior to event.

Do you hire single machines

Yes we are single machines these can be for 24 hours for a party or a contract with a pub bar office brewery – A set up and delivery charge is made on short term hire

Do you have a list of machines

I am afraid we do not have a full list of machines currently but as a guide we have 30 pinballs ready to go and a further 50 plus in storage 10 videogames 6 Table football, Amazing Hook a Duck , Bingo Blower , Striker (hammer & Bell) and amazing vintage penny arcade.

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