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Greetings Children of the Universe, we are your Pinball, Football table and Happy People providers.

We were brought here, to help with those long hours working at home and the evenings sadly bereft of social life, by providing various pinball machines looking for love and companionship in both short and long term relationships;/ – please see below for rates and the ever evolving list of machines – all delivery installation and servicing comes usually with a smile , no light house keepers please – machines from all eras post 1930 and all decades of customer catered for  .  .
Best wishes Geoff and Mark and the “Alley Crew”

Please note these rates are home pinball hire. The use and logistics of film / event / parties are quoted differently an generally alot higher.

Price Guide Rental M25 Area

Pinball Machine Hire weekend*


Bonzini Football Hire Weekend*


Pinball Machine + Bonzini Weekend*


* £150 (Mandotry fee) - Delivery Set Up & Pick Up Charge within M25 is Not Included - This is a requirement as Pinball machines & Football tables are heavy and require professional & experienced set up two persons required on every hire/set up.

Pinball Machine Measurements:

Please ensure you fully check that a pinball of this size will fit into your intended location.

Height: 76"
Width: 27"
Depth: 31"
Weight: 118kg

Pinball Games Available: Adams Family* , Terminator II , Fish Tales* , Hook , Jack Bot , Theatre Of Magic*, Pinbot , Flash , Centaur , Eight Ball Deluxe , Getaway , Black Knight 2000 , Party Zone , Star Wars ,Diner, Nitro Ground Shaker, Fireball , Magic City & Many Many More

Video Games Available: Defender , Space Invaders II Cocktail , Sega Rally 1995 , Out Run Upright , Bump & Jump Pacman.

Vintage Fairground Stall 12ft : Hook A Duck , Hoopla , Coconut Shy...

* Premium Rate Games

Pinball Machine Hire Month


Bonzini Football Table Hire Month


Pinball Machine + Bonzini Month